Art facilitates communication of events, ideas and emotions. Making art, looking at art and exhibiting art is a process that informs us about who we are and the climate of the diverse culture we are living in. Art is a fundamental component of our community and plays a distinct role in our society. The visual art enriches our lives, expands our awareness, and promotes understanding. In the course of being an artist, mentor and curator I have experienced various perspectives of those participating in the culture of the creative aspect of our society.

In the educational arena, art is an instrument for presenting people paths to incorporating their own creativity into their own lives. Colleges and universities play an important role in the legitimization and assertion of culture, and the responsibility of a university gallery is to be a vehicle for this kind of interpretation. For university students, faculty and staff, the gallery is an integral part of their personal and professional development. The art gallery offers fresh challenges and acts as a catalyst in comprehending new aesthetic and intellectual topics.

It is important to provide a constructive environment for introducing artistic ideas to the viewer. I seek out artists whose works maintain viable intentions and I present those works with an equivalent visual integrity. Cultivating creative and critical potentials engage gallery participants in an aesthetic and theatrical dialogue. In effectively enhanced circumstances educational and cultural events can affect a regional cultural community to embrace panel discussions, concert series and additional performance based art activities prepared in partnership with visual organizations. At any location I have the opportunity to design exhibitions and events for I am resolute to distribute all manner of art to a expansive audience.

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